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The hospitality industry has one of the highest turnover rates. What if you could review and contact prospective staff before you schedule them for their first event? Taski is here to solve your onboarding problems by providing a transparent platform where you can post the shifts you need filled and choose your ideal candidate saving you time, energy and cost.

Servers and Support Staff


Event Staff

Event Staff

Bar Staff and Bartenders


Skilled and vetted staff on demand.

1. Select the time and location of your next shift.

Location and time
Serving it Right, Food Safe

2. Set your requirements.

Select the number of staff needed per role and optionally specify details: uniforms, experience, certifications & availability

3. Approve your ideal candidate.

Compare qualified candidates with profiles, reviews, skills and employment history to find the best possible fit. Or, sit back and let our algorithm accept the best candidates automatically.


4. No payroll, no hassle.

Pay through taski and let us handle the work.
We don’t charge you until the shift has been completed and you confirm hours.
Pricing is a simple % mark up on your bill, get in touch for the full scoop


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